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More Than Just Building Robots

The Alumiboti empowers the next generation of engineers, artists, and creative geniuses through FIRST robotics

Who are

The Alumiboti

Solve Complex Problems

Every year, FIRST gives the teams a new game challenge that they must design a robot to solve before competing against others in their region.

Empower Students

FIRST empowers students to be their best selves by giving them new challenges and goals to stretch their potential to new heights.

Build Future Leaders

Through community involvement, award planning, task management, and more, FIRST allows students to become leaders on the team and in their community.

Discover Yourself

FIRST challenges students and allows them to unlock new hobbies, competencies, and future career paths through the given challenges.

Learn STEM Concepts

STEM is at the heart of FIRST Robotics, and students learn many core concepts of mechanical engineering, programming, design, manufacturing, and more!

Apply Skills

FIRST students take the skills students learn in the classroom and expand upon them to design & build the robots needed to solve the game.

What is FIRST?

The Varsity Sport of the Mind

FIRST Robotics challenges students to build a robot capable of completing yearly games and obstacles while utilizing STEM skills, respect, and Gracious Professionalism. It is the only high school sport where all participating individuals can "go pro" in their careers.


Our World at Glance

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The Impact of FIRST

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Yearly Scholarships
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Competition Load In
FIRST unveiled the FRC challenge "CHARGED UP"

Sponsored by the Gene Haas Foundation, in CHARGED UP, teams are inspired to see the potential of energy storage in a new light as they compete to charge up their communities.

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A Look Inside the 2023 Finger Lakes Regional Competition

View the broadcast from 13 WHAM, out of Rochester, to get a summary of the Finger Lakes Regional Competition hosted at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

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Buffalo FIRST Family Brings Local Teams Together

The Alumiboti partnered with other Western New York-based teams to strengthen the Buffalo FIRST Family, a group aimed to promote & improve STEM education in the area.

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